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Let’s recommend podcasts

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Football ones:

Graham Hunter has some excellent interviews, but I think he's made it subscription only. 

The Connor Murray interviews are good. Listened to the Keith Gillespie one yesterday. 

'So Keith, how did you lose so much money? 

'Fast woman and slow horses'

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I listen to a lot of podcasts...

My top 10 would be...

Football Ramble, best football podcast around

Guardian Football Extra, second best football podcast around

Desert Island Discs, pick and choose depending on the guest

Golazzo, brings back many memories

Quickly Kevin will he score, really funny podcast on 90's football

Birkamstead revisited, really funny two girls reading through their teenage diary

Frank Skinner on absolute radio, brilliant

United We Stand, fantastic podcast made by the lads that make the United We Stand fanzine

The Bradley Wiggins show, great cycling info

and finally I have just started listening to that Peter Crouch podcast and although I thought he was one of the worst football players ever to play the game his podcast is really good

Don't bother with the new season of serial, it is rubbish, actually the second one is rubbish too.


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Caught on the Wire - great in depth chat about The Wire, episode by episode. 

This is Deep Play - not active any more but basically two or three blokes sat in a kitchen in Dulwich discussing the problems with modern football in an extremely high-brow fashion. Prepare to learn, amongst other things, about how the joys of following Gateshead United through the non-league football pyramid, can be juxtaposed against the works of Roland Barthes and Jacques Lacan.

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As the international break is here just two quick updates

The Quickly Kevin episodes where they dissect the Steve Bruce novels have had my laughing out loud.

Been slightly disappointed with Serial this season. It’s been listenable but don’t think I’ve learnt anything or feel like it’s really grabbed me like previous seasons.

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Recently binge listened to Caliphate, which I thought was very good if you have any interest in the workings of Isis.

Aside that I’ve kinds struggled to find anything new to listen to that’s grabbed me.

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For any fans of True Crime/The Staircase/Making A Murderer etc then I binged listened to the Bear Brook podcast last night and found it fascinating and really well done.

I wont spoil it, but a barrel was found in the woods and well, you can guess what was found inside it.

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Footy ones - 

Athletico Mince

Steve Bloomers Washing

Radio 5 Live 606

The Magic Sponge

Movies - 

Empire Podcast

80's All over

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

Shat The Movie

Smersh Pod


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