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Golden state killer

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Isn't it just amazing what results dna profiling can achieve.

As a result of a cold case review police revisited the investigation of a series of burglaries, rapes and murders that took place in california in the mid 70s to 80s by the so-called Golden State killer. By accessing dna data submitted to ancestry websites they got a match to a family member and from that traced the killer.

72 year old Joseph deangelo - a police officer at the time of the earlier offences - was arrested and charged. He was not even a suspect prior to that.

can't help thinking that this guy is also the infamous Zodiac serial killer from the late 60s who was also never caught.

Some similarities are striking. Evidence of military background. Attacked couples, tying them up before attacking them. Wore a hooded disguise. Taunted police with letters etc. So far the link has been dismissed as deangelo was in the navy around the time of the first possible zodiac murder in 1966, but that was only vaguely linked due to letters that were subsequently dismissed as hoax letters by some. 

I reckon they've found him. This will be a huge story if it subsequently unfolds as i'm suggesting.

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I’ve only recently got interested in stuff like this through the All Killa No Filla Podcast where two stand ups discuss a different serial killer each episode. Although it can be very heavy subject matter, I think it’s a good overview on different topics. It is funny too, but not sure how I can say it’s heavy going AND light hearted so just see whether it’s for you I guess.

The Zodiac Killer is fascinating just for the amount of theories and also the amount of people who write into the newspapers claiming they are the him for no apparent reason

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