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Peter Gadsby - open letter to supporters


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Im all for this,but I am sceptical.I suspect the surrounding area on pride park is the main reason mr Gadsby wants "back in".The yanks have got to pull their finger out and get some cash in or were going to be suffering a similar season next year.

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Why?, what's this letter hoping to achieve?

If the Americans have rejected his offer and are refusing to sell surely that's the end of the matter?

Is Gadsby hoping that the fans will turn on the Americans and start a campaign to get them out? I can't see that happening, if we're in the same position this time next year then maybe, but not yet.

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i cant be bothered to read it,whats it say ?

Basically we can wait for the Americans to give us £5,000,000 of money they don't have or wait for a rich man to oust them with £38,000,000 and inject another £5,000,000 in to DCFC to keep us sweet while he gets the money he's throwing back after developing prestigious retail space and making lots in return.

Unless Gadsby is set to give back a significant percentage of what HIS COMPANY is going to make from Pride Plaza to the club for players then I'd rather stick with the Americans.

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gadsbys timing is a top notch time to try his buy out,

he knows the natives are restless with the current situation that we are in ,and he is trying to exploit this!

why do we need a takeover right now, when we are in a relegation dog fight?

he,s 1 astute cookie i,ll give him that

hit the fans with what appears to be a positive buyout, money for transfers etc etc

if he was a fan he should wait till the seasons over , for the sake of the club, fans and players too

deliberate unrest is NO good for dcfc

so gadsby do us all a favour and feck off till the season finishes please!:mad:

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