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Season ticket renewel


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Just trying to make my mind up about whether to re-new my season ticket for next year.

I think we will just about scrape enough points to survive for another year in the Championship for next year.

Given what Glick has said on RD about investment albeit the bare minimum required no doubt.

What do you reckon the next seaon will have in store

a) More of the same

b) Definite improvement pushing for play-offs

c) Going backwards, sliding in to League 1

I really don't know what to expect for next season and am not sure that forking out for a ST is a good idea.

I know that at the end of the day its our club and not buying a ST impacts on the club's finances but what other way do we have of showing our displeasure at the apparant lack of ambition from our borad.

It seems to me that they are playing a very dangerous game of trying to get away with balancing Championship survival with spending the bare minimum they can get away with.

Over Xmas with the Blackpool/Donny/Scunny results I said thats it they can shove their ST for next year but the mini revival against Newcastle/Florist/Preston gave me fresh hope, but I must admit that we seem to have gone backwards again just recently.

This is not an attempt at slagging of the board/manager/players just trying to guage opinion before making up my mind.

I think we got 20K plus season tickets last year, is that about right? How many do you all reckon we are likely to get for next season ?

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