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Glick on Radio Derby


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Nicked from the DET......................

  • Paperwork filed for the new directors. No change with regard to their input, it's simply paperwork that has been sorted.

  • Not looking for new investors. Good group behind the club as it stands and they all have sports experience. They are a good resource but they have put the management team in place to do the running of the club. No dividends, rather they build the club to get a better overall asset.

  • We need to make the right choices regarding players. Shaun Barker is an example of the right choice. We are looking for players who want to come into the club and stick with the club for the future

  • the club will pay transfer fees so long as Nigel Clough believes the player represents good value. They will pay fees in excess of the fee paid for Barker.

  • It's easy to throw the figure £5m around but given the whole details surrounding transfers; wages, signing fees, transfer fee etc, it doesn't mean a lot.

  • Looking to get players who aren't doing the job out of the club

  • Disappointed with the league position given that we are big wage payers in the league but injuries didn't help

  • Don't want to get ahead of ourselves and end up in debt, facing bankruptcy, fighting tax man.

  • No timetable regards getting back to the prem. Improvement expected year on year so we are looking to have a strong finish in order to set up for next year.

  • Will expect to be in or around the play offs next year but so long as improvement is made then they are happy. Pointed to Wolves as an example of building the right way without spending big bucks.

  • It's a long term project. It's got to be long term to be stable and have long term competitiveness in the top flight. If that takes an extra year then so be it.

  • Age is an important factor in signing players. You can sign expensive young players with a future ahead of themselves and still pay low wages because they are bigger than they are used to.

  • Expects the fans will support the team in the same numbers next year as the fans are loyal and the ST prices have been frozen for the 5th year running.

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To be honest I think it's a smart move by the board, what good would announcing we have £5m to spend in the summer? everytime we go for a player the price will be pushed up that little bit extra as clubs know we have money.

Apart from getting the fans excited about numbers, spouting how much we've got to spend on local radio would gain very little.

All I want to know is that we will be buying players with experience at this level that will improve the squad, not just add numbers. We've got our fill of lower league players, now its time to add the quality.

I'm actually impressed, that was a sensible post and I challenge anyone to argue my point.

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of couse its going to take time!

read the small print which ever way you like , these aint prepaired to spend the $$$,

they want you thru the gates watching average footballers week in and week out.

for a club to survive it MUST give the fans something to cheer about ,i hardly think anyone will cheer if we get anymore bloddy lee hendries on loan!

of couse every rams fan wants stability but at what cost?

will you be happy watching old aged loanees jog around pride park whilst the youngsters coming thru the ranks at derby get pushed to the back of the queue?

these yanks that are in charge of us are bloody good at putting spin on things and most people swallow it hook ,line , and sinker

either put up some cash,


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