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The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

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9 hours ago, Inverurie Ram said:

We can all watch Max Lowe' performance at Jody Morris' old club St Johnstone for Aberdeen on Sat 15th Sep 2018 as full coverage of the match is to be shown on BBC Alba at 6pm.


Will try but will probably be stuck in traffic trying to get out of Rotherham! 

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This is on now (on BBC Alba) if anyone is interested. Only just flicked it on, Aberdeen losing 1-0, just before half-time. 

Max is probably looking on enviously at Jayden's very quick rise through the ranks. Before anyone else says it, of course he should be watching the ball. 

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Max Lowe played well for Aberdeen today, Sat 15th Sep 2018 in Perth, away at St Jonhstone. He improved throughout the game as Aberdeen did, and hugged the left touch line well and always wanted the ball, unfortunately Aberdeen opted to go down the right a lot, and when they eventually used Max Lowe more in the second half, they created more as Max linked up well with players and ran into spaces well, and when he was passed too, he played other players in well.

A couple of his long balls were slightly over hit, but when he won tackles he managed to turn ball very quickly in Aberdeen's favour, getting the team quickly into a attacking position. Max jockeyed well and closed down well, and played some quick defensive passes and got close to other Aberdeen defending players to force St Johnstone players into tight spots, enabling his team mates to tackle and to win the ball in Aberdeen's favour.

Max picked up a yellow card for a late tackle, where the ball had already gone passed, maybe too keen, his youth and decision making not mixing well on that occasion. Max made a couple of great runs to take players out the game, and one especially when McGinn opted not to put him through and then several minutes later, Max made a similar move into the box and McGinn's shot hit Max as he tried to jump over it. A few minutes later on the 86th minute Max made another great run with the ball into the box, and then fired it through, but unfortunately it became neither a shot or a cross and when the camera was fixed on Max a few seconds later, viewers could see his frustration as he said, what he thought of it.

Max Lowe again should be proud of his performance, as he made other cross balls that found Aberdeen players with space to create chances, and Aberdeen had a couple of good chances late in the game to win the match, a downward header and an extra time claim for a penalty. St Jonstone 1 Aberdeen 1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45456586

Max Lowe marks his man for the corner as Logan loses his as St Johnstone open the scoring to lead 1-0 after 13 minutes.


Well done Max Lowe.

Edited by Inverurie Ram

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