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Derby County Shirt Collection

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1 hour ago, PrivateDerby said:

Yes I have seen it thanks bud, got all of those, there are a couple of rarer ones in there, not enough older shirts in there to achieve that valuation though I think, but if he sells the more expensive ones separately he will be stuck with a load he can’t get rid of, good luck to him, obviously taken a long while to put that together, shame he is selling it ! 🐏🐏


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Another superb and rare piece of Derby County history added to the shirt collection today, it was one of our own members, @secretsquirrel That made this possible. The lovelynumber 5 players shirt from the 1975 season worn by Roy McFarland.

i am forever thankful to the guys on here @Richard Dastard Lee @Secret Squirrel @Will I Ram @PrivateDerby And all the other guys who continue to assist in building a fantastic collection of shirts that hopefully we can all share at some point in the future !

if anybody has any other 50, 60s or 70s shirts just sitting in cupboards or wardrobes or dusty lofts then please Le me know !

cheers guys !



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I had the pleasure today to go and look at the Alan Hinton shirt at Hansons, this shirt is special because not only was it worn in the first few games of the championship winning season in 1971/72 but it was the first time that the new snorting Ram was seen on a shirt, it was the old shirt with the rings on the collar and the cuffs but with that fantastic new emblem of Derby County ! After a few matches they changed to the completely blank white shirt that we are more familiar with !


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42 minutes ago, loweman2 said:




38 minutes ago, loweman2 said:

Second shirt to view was the legend Kevin Hector’s No7 shirt from his final game, I am lucky to own a match worn No7 Patrick shirt so I won’t be bidding on that one.




Red numbers!












Actually, I like red numbers. Don't see what the problem is with red on any part of the shirt, so long as it is predominantly white.

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Not quite a playing shirt @loweman2 but I purchased this a good while ago now and have worn it once for about three hours so no deodorant marks under the arms, probably not something you’d fancy but you’re more than welcome to it. Sat in wardrobe for many years hence the look. 


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