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Derby County Shirt Collection

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As I am embarking on a new group project to document the history of the Derby County kit with a couple of likeminded souls I thought that it was time to actually document my shirts and look at what I have got, so I thought I would share that with the DCFCFANS.UK famalam.

i have just grabbed the first lot of the rail, I will then photograph each one on a mannequin or what ever they are called and post them up on here for those who may be interested, for those who are not then apologies in advance as it’s probs gonna drag on a while.

any how I thought I would lay out the first lot and if I say so my self there are some nice items in the first batch, these are on the whole 1970 to 1989 ish, there are a couple of rogue newer ones slipped in aswell.

here goes



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30 minutes ago, Parsnip said:

Ahhh as a kid I had the grey and black striped one and the blue checks. Love both those shirts.

Went to the World Cup 1990 in the Grey and Black shirt, great memories.

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