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Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

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Dont know anything about this guy but I am glad we are looking at a CB to replace keogh. He has been a great servant to the club but in order to move forward we need to try another route. 

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7 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:

Imagine if we sign Engels tomorrow. This has probably been the best transfer window the Rams have ever had?!

Depending on the outs that are surely going to follow, then quite possibly.

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28 minutes ago, Elwood P Dowd said:

Just google it you will find both facts correct 🙂

In 1848, Engels co-authored The Communist Manifesto with Marx and also authored and co-authored (primarily with Marx) many other works. Later, Engels supported Marxfinancially to do research and write Das Kapital.



no need to be embarrassed 🙂

Not the content, that’s fine. The 3 spelling mistakes and one grammatical error in the space of 13 words and 2 short paragraphs.

Otherwise, all good!

Yours, Mr Grammar Nazi.

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52 minutes ago, Topram said:

Think that’ll be our business done now 

Many thought that after Mount came in. Since then it's been......well, quite a few!

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6"4 with an impressive goal record for a centre half. 

Most of Waghorn's assists last year came from him whipping in dangerous crosses from corners/wide freekicks.

Would be a deadly combination.. 

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1 hour ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

 If we signed a centre back by the end of tomorrow I can see Keogh either going, or warming the bench for A large portion of the season.

Is there an overall plan? What is the plan give or take a few players? I fail to see. How we can win games with all this turmoil? At least we have a settled side! 😎

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