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Is it down to investment


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Been trawling t'internet

Found these details from http://www.footbo.com/Teams

If anybody has a website with more definitive details of transfer dealings i'd be interested to know of the teams just above us or who regularly finish mid table how much do they spend during the summer period.

To get us up to mid table from where we are now is it down to investment or shrewd buys and then good management

Obviously the vast majority of what is on this website are down as undisclosed if you assume that each one of these is probably less than £1M each and in most cases will be around the £100Ks mark

1 Newcastle last year mainly loans & undisclosed obviously Millions when in Prem

2 West Brom not a lot this last summer around £20M Summer 2008


3 Nottm Forest summer 2009 around £2M disclosed rest undisclosed (Rumoured £9M ???)

4 Swansea no single purchase over £1M mainly free & loans

5 Leicester £1.2M purchase mainly frees, loans & undisclosed

6 Cardiff £5M summer 2009, rest undisclosed & loans


7 Blackpool mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

8 Coventry mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

9 Sheff Utd mainly frees & loans & undisclosed (£2M 2008)

10 Middlesbrough Spent a fortune but whilst in Prem

11 Doncaster mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

12 Preston mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

13 Barnsley mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

14 Bristol City mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

15 QPR mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

16 Reading mainly frees & loans & undisclosed (some whilst in the Prem)

17 Ipswich mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

18 Derby

19 Watford mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

20 Crystal Palace mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

21 Sheff Wed mainly frees & loans & undisclosed


22 Ssausagehorpe hardly anything 1 free, 1 loan

23 Plymouth mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

24 Peterborough mainly frees & loans & undisclosed

It seems to me that regular mid table teams do not spend £ Millions but buy good pros for this standard (not conference players) and then mould them in to good teams over a couple of seasons

This £5M that is being spouted, i reckon as a one off it would probably get us up to mid table/lower playoffs for next year but is it sustainable for the years afterwards ??

info from http://www.footbo.com/Teams

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End of the day it doesn't matter how many millions you have to spend if you spend it on *****. £9m on Miller, Earnshaw and Davis (thank you Mr Davies).

You've got to have a decent manager and scouting team to suceed at any club. We may not agree with Clough's signings but if we finish higher than we did last season that has to be seen as a positive surely? I don't think he's done a bad job with the funds available whilst trying to lower the wage budget.

Porter - Goal ratio is superb, just needs to stay fit - potentially quality signing

Barker - Quality signing

Buxton - Decent signing

Moxey - maybe one for the future

Deeney - *****

Martin (Millwall) - Not been given a chance yet

Anderson - Doing a great job keeping the bench warm

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To be fair on the lad he was in a pretty ***** Premiership team, had his attitude been right and he wanted to stay and play for us at the level he belongs, he probably would of knocked a few in for us.

Did alright for Wolves and he's in the best form of his career at the moment with Rangers, never a Premiership striker tho and neither was Earnshaw.

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I can't disagree with a word you have said there. Well put that man.

Attitude sucked, but as a foreigner he wouldn't understand or have the guts for a scrap in the Championship. Just desperate to get home to some native fried food I guess.

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