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NFL Fantasy 2018-19

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8 minutes ago, David said:

See you’ve got him.....just hope his knee holds up for the couple of weeks he might be useful 👀

Hah, a couple of weeks while Ajayi sorts his bloody back out will do me.

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1 hour ago, Carnero said:

@SaintRam @jimbo jones I was in for Bernard too!! 😂😂

Missed out by ONE position on waivers too.

Did pick up the Broncos D though which I also wanted, and my man Izzy Crowell picked up some handy points again this week... (thanks Saint 😎)

Hey man no regrets I'm happy for ya. I think I've been unlucky that the Browns run game just doesn't seem to be a thing this season. Had some decent redzone work with Hyde but basically all their drives are being progressed with the pass.

Same situation again, I'd probably still do the trade. But I'd have probably chosen Smith over Dak (but then, I probably wouldn't have gone Mahomes so...)

If Mahomes suddenly drops off now that really would be the icing on the cake of my trading this year.


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