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Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu


All updates from the forum can be found in the first post in this topic, updates are from @TomBustler1884 Twitter account https://twitter.com/erskinetom29

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Stephen Pearce is the new CEO of #dcfc #dcfcfans

Mel - no significant additional spend, signings funded by sales #dcfc #dcfcfans

FL - reward of proving people wrong, being self critical and hard work are the best ways to get out of difficult times. We won't be getting carried away. #dcfc #dcfcfans

FL - hadn't seen Tom Lawrence head a ball all preseason before reading! Mason Bennett changed the game when he came on, really impressed.

SP - Malone has been a target all summer. Process starts from identifying player attributes, then wages, fee, fitting into squad. We had to wait for Hydra then it fell into place. Only contacted HTAFC yesterday morning.

SP - usually negotiations take a while, but held firm on stance mainly. Always fun trying to sneak players in to training ground so nobody sees. Agents like to leave fees until the end, often rely on player wanting to be here to get it over the line. Another club came too late

FL - Tenerife was vital to identifying squad gaps. Had an idea of squad beforehand, been case by case since then.

SP - Loan players are different. Clubs come with players to see how players will be used, and visit other clubs too so our setup is incredibly important to convince parent clubs to let players come. FL - no guarantees to parent clubs that players will play but will develop them

FL - We sell #dcfc on how we will play to attract quality creative talent

MM - Last 12 month's we've stuck to our buns on how we will do business. We're now only approached by people bringing us players that fit our model.

MM - intell on transfer targets is incredibly important to getting best value. Frank is a huge part of making #dcfc attractive

FL - All big signings but Marriott and Waghorn will bring goals. Frank Snr definitely been giving him advice "goals win games". Bawdy jokes about Waghorn being a big lad. #ladbantz

Gibbo is doing maths. Going down memory lane on a tangent. Might be about to talk Brexit with Frank

FL - every player needs to know about Derby's history and what it means to Derby. Create your own history. 😍

FL - great to have Dirty Leeds up first, players know and feel the rivalry. They will be up for it. last week their fans created a big atmosphere. THATS WHAT WE NEED

FL - wanted to bring energy and speed into the team. Some targets were identified very early, others were identified after discussing attributes and who might fit the team

FL - came from WHU academy, want to make sure players see a pathway to the team. Want to balance getting them time with 1st team without putting too much expectation on. If a young player earns a spot in training, they will be involved.

DW - early debut for Bennett wasn't good for him in the long term. Much better place now, come back in fantastic shape, outstanding application and looks very sharp. Frank did 1st yr scholar induction and is showing academy players they'll get a chance if they're good enough

DW - seeing new players arrive shouldn't deter youngsters, it will happen throughout their careers, need to get used to it. They have a right of a fair chance. Lots of calls for elsnik and guy.

FL - If Chelsea came calling to be manager, I would stay in Derby. Welcome and atmosphere is amazing, I want to get Derby promoted.

10 yr old running things here! Wrote to Rowett who left, so Frank replied. Giving him credit for Marriott signing! 10% fee in post.

MM - will explore options with other clubs to offer concessions to have reciprocal ticket agreements. Will try to offer at Hull, where they aren't offered. DCFC will endeavour to offer support to disabled fans.

MM - if you're over 85, season tickets are free for Golden Rams. Help build social network for those fans with events, clustered seating, blankets. We will look at trying to find benefits for season ticket holders, maybe cup vouchers, local business discounts

FL - Reading match i learnt we have character. Need to move ball faster in possession, too comfortable, perfect to win but have lessons to put feet back on the ground. That's where improvement comes from.

SP - FFP rules aren't ideal but will stay until they're changed. DCFC will be creative within the rules. Will try to get a competitive advantage from playing side sensibly. We couldn't have signed players if we were in trouble. Other clubs are under embargo, we arent

SP - BCFC are under flexible embargo, and will be first case to test new rules. Punishments are now unknown, could be fines, points deduction, anything. DCFC has to be sustainable, we need player outs in loans and in January but we're in FFP.

MM - generally, clubs with highest budgets get promoted. Intention of FFP to protect clubs is good. Implementation is hard.

MM - if a £10m player gets serious injury, and can't hit same levels, value drops to £1m. Nobody at fault but club loses £9m. Clubs can lose £13m per yr on football operations - transfers, salaries, etc. Contracts running out is worse case scenario as you lose all value

Guys Mel is giving examples of why FFP is unmanageable but I can't explain them quickly enough to keep up!

MM - Could be maximum salary bill for a player, and for a whole salary bill, then reward points based on meeting those targets. Can go over it, but won't get the points. All clubs agree system isn't quite right, but need to work out right way forward

FL - Want to play quickly, work hard to get the ball back. Trust DW to manage academy teams to do that.

DW - young players improve by training with first team. Attitude has to be the same no matter who they train or play with. Only get a chance by performing for u23 or u18. Players can be jealous or it can motivate them. Seeing Bennett get a chance excites them

FL - told Mason to get the ball and run in behind. He's a quiet lad but works very hard, never stops running. If he stays fit he has a big future.

FL - success is promotion, but style of play, bringing through youngsters and entertaining crowds are vital to

FL - setup at DCFC is Premier League at Moor Farm, we don't lack anything Chelsea or Man City have, they just have more of it!

SP - there is interest in our players. Loan window is deceptive. Clubs will take players and pay loan fees. We're in dialogue on some of our players.

MM - important to have a settled squad in August, both on incoming and outgoing. However, new window setup hasn't changed anything. Clubs will just do loans with a compulsory requirement to purchase in January. Out of contract players will start going now.

MM - if clubs want good players not playing with us, they still need to pay properly.

FL - no players have been shunned, door is open for all of them, but if a move comes up that's right, they can go. We're in process of evolving the squad. Not all decisions have been made.

FL - got lots of good wishes before starting the job. Not called on my network too much as been so busy

FL - Want to use experience of other managers then be my own person as a boss. Very close with Jody, can disagree and get on with it quickly, coaching staff all have great qualities and characters. We're a team and work together. I make decisions after lots of discussion

FL - i like to move the ball from back to front and utilise an energetic midfield who win the ball back

@dcfcfans with a shout out!

MM - applaud @Mafiabob for campaigning on gambling. 32Red one of few gambling companies with controls in place and have spoken to DCFC about gambling addiction awareness. Sponsorship deals are worth a lot. Can't turn away, but will connect you to to them to work on awareness.

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13 minutes ago, Redcar said:

Anyone had email confirmation ? had to ring my bank to check had gone through.... £5 charity donation or summat??

Didn’t even take my card details. Think the £5 was optional. 

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10 minutes ago, ThePrisoner said:

Didn’t even take my card details. Think the £5 was optional. 

Feck knows then what I bought! 😂 what confirmation you had??

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