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Same old, Same old


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Not quite sure what I'm trying to say here but looking back at our records for the last few years (omitting the disaster that was the Premier League debacle).

Apart from two stand out seasons when we finished 4th and 3rd the stats look depressingly similar to this year. I get the feeling that this highlights that we are a club that has suffered from years of lack of investment and the way things are going I cannot see anything changing in the near future

League Pos Games GD Pts

2002-2003 Football League First Division 18th 46 -19 52

2003-2004 Football League First Division 20th 46 -14 52

2004-2005 Football League Championship 4th 46 +11 76

2005-2006 Football League Championship 20th 46 -14 50

2006-2007 Football League Championship 3rd 46 +16 84

2007-2008 Premier League (Left out due to extreme embarrasment)

2008-2009 Football League Championship 18th 46 -12 54

2009-2010 Football League Championship ?? ?? ?? ??

This is not a dig at the current regime (board or manager) but it seems clear to me that unless we get some serious investment soon this pattern is not going to change and we better get used to languishing in 18th or 2oth position.

Before I get slaughtered for being a wrist slasher, this is not looking at the glass half full just an honest assessment of where we are going based on where we have been for the last few years.

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