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v Reading (A) Match Thread

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3 hours ago, BobbyTheReadingFan said:

Been a busy few days so just catching up.  I'm also recovering from a mixture of anger, disappointment and drunkenness 😧

I did think Reading had the slightly better game, but we were let down by some missed opportunities.  I was really happy with the way we played actually, it was far far better than I expected and it's given me renewed hope for the season.  We looked a far better team than we did last year, more pace, more energy, more speed and intensity.

I've watched that youtube video from that fan and it does look a good goal.  I somehow missed it, and turned to just see the goal float in.  Horrendous as in my head, the game was over and it was just being played out as a draw for the final 2-3 minutes.

Amazing scenes for you guys and I'm sure it's a game you'll remember for quite a while.  Results like that and the ending can really start a good string of results and build some momentum.  I like Frank Lampard, he's always seemed very humble, intelligent, not arrogant at all, wish his first win had come on his second game though!  

We are playing your friends (Nottingham Forest) away on Saturday.  I'm sure we have your support in that game 😜

Anyway, I will see you all on 19th January at your place, hopefully we can "do a Derby on you" 😁 Good Luck for the rest of the season.

We'll all be Reading fans on Saturday afternoon. Give them a good tonking and that will gee us up nicely for a tea time battle with Dirty Leeds! 👍😃

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I don't think we were as bad as some have made out,lucky, or what have you.Not a great performance by any means no, but I saw some bright spots and what Lampard wants to do.Main thing is the 3 points and just keep on improving from here.


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Watched it again and didn't see much difference between the first half and the second half. 

Reading were very compact and there was very little time and space. Their main tactic was to try to get Barrow in behind wisdom. We couldn't seem to find much of a way through them.


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On 05/08/2018 at 19:37, RodleyRam said:

Reading really surprised me and I suspect the players. They played high up the field and completely disrupted our rhythm. Expect to see that a lot this season but a great early learning curve. Once we know to expect this I would completely back us to be able to play around the pressing players and exploit gaps behind.

We lacked two elements for me. Quality at DCM to pick up the ball and drive forwards (please get fit again George) and some quality up front to hold the ball and play football in the right half (Please get fit again Chris). These two may never play for us again but would fit our tactics very well. If it's not them then we need to think how to build these qualities into the side.

What impressed me was that we kept going, I don't mind a few misplaced passes on the deck, I would much rather see them than aimless punts for Nugent to chase. There will be times when we concede goals because of it but I would much rather this than the anti-football we played last year or the boring dross under Clement.

I had a good feeling we'd get the chance to stretch them late on as long as we stayed in the game. We didn't play that well but I thought we deserved it because we played to win until the last minute.

Performances will improve but attitude was spot on!

Tomori may well be the answer. I have just seen a video of him, and he is Mac 1 George Thorne with even more tools in his locker, and he can do it from DM or from left back. He looks a fantastic signing.

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On 02/08/2018 at 11:46, therealhantsram said:

Reading I fear are potential relegation candidates this year. I don't expect Clement to make it to Christmas.  

We need to take advantage and not mess about like last year.  I game we ought to be winning and I fully expect we will.

Thanks for the ❤️ @JoeDerby... all these months later.  I guess I shoulda put money on it.

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