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Odd week so far.

Took Firmino out for Vardy - error.

Bottled captaining Hazard for Aguero at half 11 this morning - error.

Benched Wan-Bissaka for Cedric - on paper this is an error as Wan-Biss done the biz today.  However, Mendy didn't play so I'll get 9 anyway.

Only downside is Mkhitaryan seems well out of favour, but keeps coming on for small amounts of minutes - cost me 6 for Tomkins off the bench.

Oh well, 61 points with Foster, Sigurdsson and Cedric to play, can't really grumble.

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Can’t login to my team, I have the app which has been fine but booted it up Saturday morning and it’s asking me to login.

When I signed up I used my Twitter account, but now it wants me to create a new team. Checked Facebook login just in case my memory is failing me but again it’s asking me to create a new team. 

Run the forgot password tool, but neither of my email addresses are on their system. Weird.

Wouldn't have made any changes after a clear out before the window, but I’m a bit buggered now, with Firminho possible eye injury can’t take him out!

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Horrible week to be playing a Wildcard.

Had my team sorted for two days, with the exception of the 8-9 million midfielder slot. Had it on Eriksen, the Silvas, Sane, Alli... somehow ended up with Son and really not confident in him.

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I was up to 20k a few weeks back then slipped outside the top 150k despite getting above average scores in each of the three weeks - lack of Bournemouth players killed me. Back up to 80k this week with 3 players still to play. Was 33/33/33 over whether to captain Aguero, Salah or Mitrovic.... guess which one I went with.

Still on for a top 10k finish.

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At the halfway mark (nearly), how are folks doing? Still playing, or forgotten about?

I'm at 50k overall, sub-optimal captaincy picks the last two weeks costing me about 30 points so could have been on the edge of the top 20k with a bit of luck.

1092 points overall which averages out to 60.66 per week which I'm happy with. All three chips remain unused.

Best calls so far probably being double Liverpool defence until recently, Fabianski and ditching Mane at the right time.

Worst calls involve Luke Shaw, getting Mitrovic for his entire barren run, switching to Arnautovic just as he got injured and then switching to Wilson just in time for him to get injured.

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