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'Disgustingly expensive'

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As other's have said, it is a case of supply and demand. Man Utd's global fan base is so vast they will easily sell enough to make a handsome profit. 

Don't get me wrong, it is extortionate, but the super clubs' (those challenging for Champions League every year) approach typifies the modern 'supporter as/is consumer' ethos. They are world wide commercial brands and have with more in common with Coca Cola and McDonalds than Derby County or most other clubs outside the top European leagues. 

If one person doesn't want to fork out there is someone behind him that will (same, more or less, for ticket pricing...)

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The regular home shirt is £65, still daft, but not quite so crazy. The only differences between this and the more expensive version is a slightly tighter fit, some nonsensical patented cooling technology (or very small holes under the arms as non marketing people say), and maybe some slight difference in the manufacturers badge. No one needs the "authentic" version, and no one (other than some absolute sad acts) would be able to tell at a glance which was which. The idiots who insist on having the authentic version deserve to be fleeced and I think clubs should charge even more for them. Call it an imbecile tax and use the increased profits to subsidise match tickets or normal shirts for the proles.

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