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v Notts County (A) Match Thread

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2 hours ago, reveldevil said:

Bit harsh.

It's not easy to tuck away chances while also putting one foot in front of the other.

At least for Nick it's not.


Nice and supportive

Well done

You must be very proud of your contribution to our club




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2 hours ago, Edtheram said:

Alot of good performances today! Especially first half Thomas, Bryson, Bogle and Lawrence all caught my eye. Love the passing and high press too. 4-1 , 22 players used, young and old, new and previous. Good signs. Need a proper striker and another quality CM and LB and we will be sorted.

Mount, Marriott and Mitchell, simple.

Some very encouraging signs, love the way of playing, and looks like the players do too 

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Posted (edited)

Couple of points from me.

Bryson has been missed. He will be vital to the way we look to be setting up in the middle.

Bogle and Thomas are first team ready.

I also spoke to Mel Morris after the game. I like him. It was very brief but he asked me what I thought. So I told him lol.

I pointed out, for me, the youth players of Bogle and Thomas were amongst the best players in the first half, playing with some very good players.

He said that he has been telling people that for 3 years.

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Posted (edited)
45 minutes ago, Alpha said:

I'm glad we're on the same side this season. Always like reading your posts but when I had bee in my bonnet over Rowett and you were pointing out the positives I was starting to think we couldn't be friends. 

Thankfully I don't have to grudgingly accept that Rowett can organise a defence and you don't have to point it out!! 

You can only go on what you've seen and a July game v Notts County isn't great but it's all we've got and there's no negatives to take away. Can sing while we're winning surely? 

Was just thinking the same....before rowetts tenure i was always,pretty much on the same side as 86 but last season we fell out fairly frequently and vociferously.

be good for us all to be happy clappers again and for the right reasons.


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