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On 24/07/2018 at 14:21, Mr Tibbs said:

For this level? 

Struggle to find many better IMO; goals, assists and 100% every game. We missed him last year. Then again I think any team would miss a guaranteed 10+ goals a season winger at this level. 


On Ince I'd say too one-footed, no pace and even more predictable in the way he'd cut inside than Ashley Young. Yes he had lots of skill and scored many goals, so of course must be classed as decent, but I thought (for once) we got top dollar for a player who was good as an individual, but didn't enhance the team. 

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Michael Johnson: Former Derby defender relishing new Guyana role

Johnson emerged as Guyana's preferred candidate from the 200 applications the football federation received.

He will carry on with his day job as an ambassador at Derby, using technology to track the progress of the players he intends to call on for the 8 September meeting with the 160th-ranked Barbados, Guyana's first qualification match for the new Concacaf Nations League.


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Hope Bristol keep banging them in against Forest. The Red dogs were bigging themselves up on their forum last night before they'd even kicked a ball. Embarrassing.

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4 hours ago, SaffyRam said:

Hahaha Weimann just scored against the red dogs 😂

once a Ram...

City fans impressed by him: 

"Thought Weimann deserves some praise

Thankless task , especially second half with poo service and little support

Never shirked a challenge despite getting a few challenges and worked hard and showed some good decision making and quality in moments"

"Thought he was excellent. Doesn't stop running and particularly first half won headers and linked play very well. Unless Pato improves, or Taylor does something special then I expect Weimann to play in behind Diedhiou when he returns."

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I must have been one of the few who was sorry to see him leave. And I’ll always remember him as the only player who put any effort in on that blummin depressing evening against Sunderland last season.

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