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Chris Maguire to Sunderland. Managed 2 goals for Bury last season and fans already moaning about him.


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Stoke actually published the fee for this one which is odd, £10m which could rise to £12m with addons. 

You just know he will put one past us. I won’t like that at all. Good player is Ince. 

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3 minutes ago, The Scarlet Pimpernel said:

Good player but not exceptional. A bit lightweight imo.

For this level? 

Struggle to find many better IMO; goals, assists and 100% every game. We missed him last year. Then again I think any team would miss a guaranteed 10+ goals a season winger at this level. 


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29 minutes ago, Wolfie20 said:

Was there a sell-on clause when we sold him to Huddersfield?

Even if there was it would be very unlikely we would get anything. We've already reportedly pocketed 10m from Huddersfield. 

8m upfront and 2m for Huddersfield retaining Premier league status. 

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