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Kasey Palmer - Signed for Blackburn on loan

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I'd be very pleased with getting Palmer back. 

Fundamentally, above all else, he is just a very good footballer. He needs a bit of direction, a bit of coaching, but he's a player that puts everything into his game and leaves everything out on the pitch. 

He's not one to bitch and moan at teammates, plus when he losses the ball he's the very first to try and win it back. 

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3 minutes ago, DCFC1388 said:

And Jayden Bogle

And a bunch of sad feckers making out he's the greatest loan signing we've ever had*


*glad to have him back though, but come on...

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3 minutes ago, Rab a dab doo said:

Any concrete link or just hope and wishful thinking.

I don't think we need to be slapped in the face with his contract for this one after that Instagram post. 

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4 minutes ago, Cam the Ram said:

Are we sure this is about him coming back here and not just him being excited to get back to playing football?


Bogle replied saying "yeah yeah"

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