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10 minutes ago, DesertRam said:

WOW, that's fantastic mate, hopefully you'll be able to get across here more often.

It's not my website @DesertRam. May I suggest you have a rather large glass or jug of water, as you might have experienced a mirage, unless someone has moved Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Norway whilst I dozed off watching Spain v Morroco!

I was just posting it on the forum for folk to have a look at etc.

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I remember quite a contingent coming over in the late seventies for a Forest game. They were introduced to the crowd & paraded arounded the pitch at the BBG. Always looked an enthusiastic bunch.

Bumped into a few of them at Kaiserslautern last pre season. These were mostly the sons of the 'seventies' lot. It was good to see the next generation of Norway Rams coming through.

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On 25/06/2018 at 21:07, richinspain said:

It's all Dutch to me 😏. Can't even spell Right bores correctly.


I was disappointed to put this into google translate which came back with "keep yourself up to date with whats happening in the transition market".

I'm sure it meant to say "hold the date for giving me some stick as i slither over to a new gang" 😃

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