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A few of their fans are in cloud cuckoo land about the stature of Stoke City though... firstly that they think the Stoke job is "too big" for Rowett (they are a massive club obviously) and that many seem to think Big Sam would go and manage them.Β  Big Sam would not touch a Championship team. Β 

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31 minutes ago, Gee SCREAMER !! said:

The defence is ducking poo. We have no ducking wingers and booting it up to Afobe with nobody within 20 yards of him is fuckwittery in the extreme.

Talks a good game does Gary but he has no trousers

Busted. 🀣

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So many posts to choose from on the Stoke forum it’sΒ difficult to know where to start but this one made me laugh: -

β€œI take it there's no one left in the ground to sing "You don't know what you're doing "?”

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