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John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

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8 hours ago, Rammy said:

Is that whole story based off this one line?

“He will definitely be there for me. We are close”

There for him how? He could just mean supportive as a friend, not necessarily working for the club in any capacity.


Surely we aren’t paying Lampard £2m a year? 😧

I highly doubt we're paying him £2m a year. 

We likely won't know for certain, of course, but that would probably make him the highest paid manager in the league and I doubt his demands were that high. I also doubt that if they were that high we would still have appointed him.

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i'd be surprised if Frank brought him in

New page for him - and tarnishing it with JT wouldn't be good for the image and where he wants to be. JT is too much baggage as a player and a person.

He looked shaky in that PO final  - anyway its the last thing we need is a CB

We have other departments that need sorting first

Move on JT to US / China - we are happy with our lot

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Maybe Keogh is being touted about?

Fund raising.

Curtis and Terry?  Not a lot of speed there mind.

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I can see him coming in as club captain and being Lampard's eyes and ears on the pitch, demanding a high standard. Keogh will move on while we can get a good price for him.

But then I can also see him replacing Jody Morris at Chelsea.

We shall see.

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