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John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

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I can't see why people are panicking over the 'youth over experience' policy if it's just one signing, and this signing would be incredible for a year. 

Whilst the story is most likely lazy journalism, think of the positives if it happens. If he agrees to take a pay cut, he's no dearer on a one year option than the other star players in our squad. He has the ability and experience that most players dream of at our level. He'd be amazing to have around for the younger players we are hopefully blooding through this season. And, speculatively, he'd most likely only join with an option to begin his coaching career with us and team up with Lampard afterwards.

Now how inspiring a backroom setup would that be to youth players, current and prospective? 

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1 hour ago, irobinson said:

i'd be surprised if Frank brought him in

New page for him - and tarnishing it with JT wouldn't be good for the image and where he wants to be. JT is too much baggage as a player and a person.

He looked shaky in that PO final  - anyway its the last thing we need is a CB

We have other departments that need sorting first

Move on JT to US / China - we are happy with our lot

he does need a voice in the dressing room though, one of his guys in there.  JT would meet that need but I dare say there are others

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6 minutes ago, Spanish said:

he does need a voice in the dressing room though, one of his guys in there.  JT would meet that need but I dare say there are others

Jodi Morris - and Curtis Davis will be fine in my book


John Terrys voice didn't work for Villa - with there overpaid monkeys last season

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5 minutes ago, Papahet said:

Hes been outstanding at Villa.

If Stoke came in for Davies, then Terry would be the perfect replacement.

When it when it comes to the business end of the season and we need a must win, I’d rather have Davies and Terry than Keogh and Davies, I’m not on the Keogh bashing team, but fact is for the most part Keogh is great, but when the pressure is on you can just feel a mistake in him, unfortunately on more than one occasion, he’s obliged

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6 minutes ago, irobinson said:

Outstanding at Villa???

He was in the efl team of the season , Villa fans loved him there. Pretty sure they conceded less goals than us too.

Id sell Davies or Keogh for a million or two and get Terry in player/coach. Win win

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If Rowett came in with a decent offer for Davies it might make sense to sell and replace with Terry if Terry is paid the same as Davies? I’m thinking in terms of making wiggle room with FFP

Couldnt have Davies and Terry playing together, no recovery pace whatsoever in a defence is asking for trouble...

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10 hours ago, Nuwtfly said:

As a coach, perhaps.

No way do I see Frank Lampard starting his Youth Revolution by putting a 39-year-old into his starting XI.

Could definitely see him coming in as a coach though. 


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8 hours ago, Jourdan said:

As an addition to the coaching staff? No problem.

As an addition to the squad? Alarm bells would ring. It would instantly contradict statements of bringing through youth and correcting the balance of the squad.

Granted, Terry is and was a fantastic defender and got rave reviews at Villa this  past season but what was an expensive experiment ultimately failed.

We would be daft to go down the same route. He is one year older with one year’s additional mileage on the clock. 

Keogh and Davies at this level are is more than adequate.


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Bring him in to help earn his badges. Register him as a player for back up. Sell Pearce and sign souttar. Play Davies and keogh with souttar pushing them for a spot. Have JT ready in case one gets injured to be on the bench

that works for me. Cheap, cover and a young payer for the future 

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We actually have very good defenders for the championship in Davies Keogh wisdom and Forsyth our priorities lie in last seasons vortex - central midfield- we know Butterfield and Johnson just don’t have what we need but how are we going to set up and try to play because the likes of Martin and Bryson with a fit Thorne or Huddlestone could be vital with youngsters like our own Elsnick and Thomas coming through 

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