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Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

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2 minutes ago, Papahet said:

Good news.

Others will disagree, but if we bag 3 million compo and manage to get Dean Smith, we will have come out better.


Where did Brentford finish !

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18 minutes ago, curtains said:

Good grief he has had 15 months to turn around this club from perennial losers to top 6

Perennial losers that ACTUALLY LOST AGAIN!! He's turned nothing around.

7 minutes ago, curtains said:

Most games won by 3 or more in the Championship.

Manipulate that one. 

Vydra Golden boot manipulate that one 

Top 6 finish manipulate that one. 

Not when it mattered most.

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1 minute ago, Alpha said:

Perennial losers that finished with more points in 13/14 , 14/15, 15/16 than this season. 

Remarkable turnaround 

Alpha looks like Gary is going who do you want. 

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3 minutes ago, archied said:

Jeez ,, by all means state that you don’t like the way it’s being done or the style of play but this season is an improvement on the last one and the one before that where we were not a top six play off outfit to deny and ignore that indisputable fact just makes you look silly 

Er, what were those two games against Hull two seasons ago then? 

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8 minutes ago, DcFc Dyycheee said:

Mirror - "Rowett is poised to get the Stoke job - just five months after turning it down."

Interesting if it happens. This is worse than McClaren's supposed behaviour!

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