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NFL 2018 Season

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3 minutes ago, Bob The Badger said:

I thought I made it clear I was (somewhat) joking with the last sentence. 

'Alleged involvement'


It was wall-to-wall coverage over here and being a Rams fan we were subject to even more of it when Fisher hired Gregg Williams.

They did it, there is no doubt.

None whatsoever.

IIRC Vilma had a season-long ban. If he were innocent he would have sued the crap out of the NFL. He shouted a lot and started to sue Goodell, but it quietly went away.

Similarly, Peyton served a years ban. You think he (and Benson) would have rolled over and played dead with that?!

Yeh right.

As for them being convicted of a felony through a conversation in a locker room. Well, that was never going to happen no matter how religious they were. No DA would ever prosecute a 'he said, he said' conversation. 

Plus the US is not a secular country like the UK. Religious people lie as much as atheists. 

And you said it was commonplace. Well, that never came out either.

It came out that it had maybe happened elsewhere, but not that it was common.

Other than all that, you nailed it!

You really should take the urine when you win on Sunday. I deserve it!

Go Rams! 😉

I mean, I believe that it happened. 100%. I also believe we weren't the only team doing it. I also don't think Gregg Williams should have been allowed back into the NFL. Let alone after just one year.

I was just phrasing it per the context of the players attempt to defend themselves. I'm simply in the habit of doing so when discussing specific people who claim an allegation to be untrue, they made us in Law at college.


Also, and more importantly for this thread, I don't think we'll win on Sunday.

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30 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

Also, and more importantly for this thread, I don't think we'll win on Sunday.

I’ve backed the Saints, with a cheeky fiver....in short, you’ve got no chance, sorry 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I like that the media focusing of the Payton v Peters banter has brought forth a confirmation from Payton that we tried to draft Peters 4 years ago. I'd heard at the time we were trying to trade up to take Peters after picking up Andrus Peat, but always wondered if it was true.

Would have been nice. With the 31st pick we failed to trade up from, we picked up a bust in Stephone Anthony 😞 

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