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NFL 2018 Season

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2 minutes ago, Carnero said:

Colts D has no answer so far

Last 2 series looked like the colts d were starting to get to grips with the chiefs but they've gone backwards this drive.

I'd like to see Indianapolis win but they're doing as we did Friday and freezing in the headlights. 

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That was a great drive - really unfortunate not to have any points to show from it.

If they had a couple more seconds for that last pass attempt before resorting to a FG, they would have scored a TD, given their guys time to find space - fine margins.

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8 minutes ago, Carnero said:

As if Vinatieri ever misses from there

Pat McAfee said on his podcast that its no coincidence this season of historically inaccurate kicking is also the first season of a rule change that forces kickers to use brand new balls.

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Confusing decision from Luck mid run, to chuck a little short range pass at Ebron when there was space for him to scramble at least 3 yards further than Ebron was standing.

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