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Branko Strupar shirt


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Hi all

I'm a supporter of Genk in Belgium, which you probably know, was the former club of Branko Strupar, former super hero ;)

At the moment, I am looking for a shirt of Strupar at Derby County. Maybe there are fans that want to sell it (unlikely but ok) or maybe there are other possibilities to obtain a shirt like that?

It is from the season 1999-2000 or 2000-2001, to be precisely.

Thanks in advance!

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i used to have one of them shirts, i dont think i have it anymore, so sorry

but theres normally a whole heap of them on ebay, when ever i look for shirts, theres allways loads of the millenium shirt

there is one here quite reasonably priced...


and i also have the away shirt for that season dunno if youd be intrested in that though...


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