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Rams Managers ranked by points per game

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A bit like the win ratio table on the poll thread, points per game is a pretty flawed way to rank managers. I would question how anyone could deem points won against Rotherham or Barnsley to be the same achievement as winning points against Man Utd or Liverpool. As pointed out on the other thread, Jim Smith doesn't even appear in the top 10 in terms of highest win ratio - pretty sure everyone on here would have him in our top 5 best ever managers though.

A better measure of managerial achievement is to measure where managers started with us & their subsequently highest achievement whilst at the club. Ergo, Brian Clough & Arthur Cox stand out for taking the club from the doldrums (18th in Division 2 & freshly relegated to Division 3 respectively) to a League title & 5th place in 1988/89 respectively. Jim Smith also ranks highly for getting us up & achieving 2 top half finishes. Dave Mackay is a harder one as he inherited a very fine team used to finishing top 5 but he won a league title which is going to trump any promotion.

George Burley would also rank higher than Steve McClaren because he inherited a far worse situation. Likewise, Nigel Clough also saved us from third tier certainties although unlike Burley he didn't quite manage to ever get us into the playoffs (final season 10th, 7 points behind 6th). In that context, McClaren's reign (taking Derby from 10th to 3rd and then 8th the next season) looks a lot less favourable than these win ratio/points per game stats would seem to suggest.

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I think that the work you have done with a win now equalling 3 points across the eras is very nice. 

Reading all the comments on this thread does leave one thinking about the phrase lies damned ies and statistics.

I was wondering how else managers could be rated? A simple goals scored per game rating might allow us to rate our DCFC managers in terms of "entertainment". 

Rating managers in terms of players in terms of international caps whilst playing for Derby would be a nightmare to dig out. 

Rating managers in terms of % profit made in transfer market would also be a good one to dig out. I would think Nigel might do better than Paul Clement here?  Being our "shrewdest" manager in the transfer market might open eyes in terms of other factors.

Of course it's possible to rate our managers based upon what they did next after leaving Derby.  Mac wouldn't rate highly going to Newcastle and getting sacked.  PC ditto. BC did OK (European cups).

From the table shown above there is no clue that BC would do better at Forest. Overall he had good seasons and bad seasons there - what was his points per game stat at  Forest ? 

I do like the fact that DW is riding high on this table - can we do a stat for all his u23 games? 

In some way we need a score based upon expectations. Did a specific manager meet or exceed expectations? 

That is harder to sort out statistics for but it is possible.....

If we calculate our rolling average position for last 3 seasons that provides a baseline to measure something against. GR season 2017-2018 would be seen as better than last 3 baseline value. 

In such a system promotion to a higher division would have the expectation of relegation! 

Something to think about anyway!



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So if Gary continues with the same ratio 1.76 x 20 games, that's another 35 points plus our 49 making a  total of 84 points, enough for autos ?????  ( probably not )

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I think an interesting statistic to look at would be how many places had the club changed from when the new manager arrived to when that manager left? 

There would have to be a ‘peak’ and ‘trough’ column too though to add some context. 

Something ideal may look like: 

manager: highest pos: lowest pos: pos when arrived: position when left: inc/dec in position: 

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5 hours ago, Chester40 said:

I think two separate tables (or I suppose three even) for manager's points gained  in the different leagues would be very interesting...and not too hard to do...?

I’ll see what I can do

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