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Bris Vegas

Championship promotion “rivals” watch

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Time for a separate thread to discuss our Championship promotion rivals? Or is that just tempting fate?

Upcoming fixtures before the FA Cup tie:


Cardiff vs Preston 


Bristol City vs Wolves (17:30 KO)

Birmingham vs Leeds

Middlesbrough vs Aston Villa

Sheff Utd vs Bolton 


Derby vs Sheff Utd 

Leeds vs Forest

Preston vs Middlesbrough

QPR vs Cardiff

Aston Villa vs Bristol City


Wolves vs Brentford


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Probably worth throwing transfer news in here too.

I can also see Fulham and perhaps even Brentford joining the chase in the 2nd half of the season. I can't see Ipswich and Preston maintaining a playoff push, while anyone below (and including) Forest are too far behind.

Big games this weekend for Bristol City and Aston Villa.

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1 minute ago, jagerbob said:

I can see preston being the team to join the party given their recent run.

You just dont know what your gonna get with Fulham, they look really good in very open games, when the opposition tries to go toe to to toe with them. Their games against cardiff and sheff utd come to mind.

Preston can certainly find themselves well in the mix with a couple of good results this weekend. Two defeats though and they could find themselves a fair few points behind.

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5 hours ago, Bris Vegas said:

Cardiff have just shown how average this league really is. We’re in with a shot of the automatics, no doubt about that.

I think Leeds will be fancying their chances too. They could really close the gap come Tuesday.

And leeds are no great shakes having had a poor run of their own already this season.

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I can see brentford being in the mix and I expect boro to be a force villa should bounce back when their players return but they still feel look like a collection of individuals. Brizzle look good but paper thin squad might be exposed in the run in. Other than wolves I cant predict autos or promotion spots but I think it'll be an interesting run in with any of about 10 teams challenging for 2nd down to 6th. I don't think because the league is open it means it's weak one look at how the relegated clubs from this season and last are faring would suggest it is stronger than most give it credit for. Glad we're in the mix rather than the half a season of dead rubbers forest have to look forward to!

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Interesting that Aston Villa have played most of the top teams away from home already.

Their last three home games of the season are against Cardiff City, Leeds and Derby.

They could have a big say in the race for promotion.

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