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On 10/08/2019 at 23:03, Mostyn6 said:


been puppysitting Patrick this weekend. Going to hate giving him back 🥺

So... I had Patrick from Friday lunchtime until about 8pm last night, and now I've given him back, I'm absolutely crushed lol.

Due to work commitments and living in a first floor flat, alone, it would be cruel to own a dog. I leave at 5am and sometimes don't get home until 6:30-7:00pm. But weekends are generally fine.

So I didn't want this puppy to think I was boring, and that's a lot of pressure to put on oneself. It's like a middle-age man trying to impress his kids and act cool!

So I've lived in and around Sinfn for 12 years and only just discovered that there is a "Nature Reserve" at Sinfin Moor, and I took Patrick there 5 times! I let him lead the way each time and decide which path to take. He's only 9 months old and likes to sniff everything, so it takes ages to walk 100yds! lol.

I really enjoyed my time with him, I am a massive lover of dogs and as said frequently, I prefer them to humans, by a long way, and Patrick is easily one of my most favouritest living things! 

I spent most of the weekend laughing at him and play-fighting with him. he is obsessed with ears though. He's pulled the ears off all his teddys and bunnies and always nibbles my ears when play fighting.

Anyway, he's with his grandma now cos I had to go back and do responsible things like Work! My life feels empty again and I can focus on booing Keogh!

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So, all give your pets an extra fuss, and if they look confused, tell them it’s from Mostyn. 

I was peacefully doing my ironing about an hour or so ago, by the window, that overlooks a busy Grampian Way in Sinfin. I heard a thud, instinctively looked out of the window to witness a dog running into moving traffic. 

Suffice to say I’ve shed tears a few times since seeing it. The car behind stopped, and the absolute gentleman driving it tried what he could and showed genuine love for the dog he probably didn’t know. 

After he carried it off the road and gently placed it on the lawn beside the road, the owner appeared with the lead in her hand, witnessing her reaction will live with me for a very long time, as will seeing the driver, totally blameless, who hit the dog, but stopped around the corner as his kids were in the car. 

After about ten minutes, the lady owner said goodbye to her dog before collapsing trying to lift the dog wrapped in a blanket, before being pulled away by someone, and the real true gentleman, who i dont know, but admire greatly, gently wrapped the dog a bit more snugly in the blanket and carried it to a car. 

Owner and driver totally inconsolable. A lovely dog gone just like that. 🥺😞

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We have 2 ragdoll cats.

One is now just a year old and behaves like a kitten still, with its mad running and jumping everywhere and general playfulness - which has been (not surprisingly) massively un-appreciated by the old one, who is around 15 years old, deaf and recently also become partially sighted. You can imagine how much she loves being jumped on from all angles and had taken to hiding in the spare room wardrobe pretty much all of the time, to get some peace.

Until a couple of weeks ago, when they went to a cattery for 3 days while we went camping.

They now appear to be pretty much inseparable. Sleeping together and grooming each other. Sharing food etc.

I have no idea what went on while we were away - it wasn't even their first time at the cattery - but they appear to have come back as besties.


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Ours is on the way out. The thin balance between enjoying life and suffering has clearly been crossed.

The vet had said it would be quick and he wasn't wrong. Heart disease

She didn't have breakfast this morning, she's not walking. 

Took her to see my folks for the last time this morning

Had her as a rescue dog eleven years ago so she's done well

Taking her to the vet on Wednesday

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