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12 hours ago, David said:

Next door neighbours got a dog. Looks like a little Jack Russell, poor buggers left at home all day, I know because it whimpers allllllll day, which triggers my dog.

Might have to offer my daytime services for free, but I probably won’t offer as it might come across a bit wrong and don’t want to ruin these arrangement where they bring the bin in and I tell the missus I did.

It’s this tiny puppy though, lonely, just wants attention and I’m a brick wall away 😢

Precisely the reason I've never bought a dog, despite having wanted one my entire life. It's a big responsibility and one that should be taken seriously. Maybe if there was more than one dog it might be a bit better, but leaving a puppy to it's own devices all day, every day, seems really unfair to me. 

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On 12/01/2019 at 15:46, Steve How Hard? said:

Daisy and Dolly, who are not too happy about their favourite set of drawers being moved.IMG-20190110-WA0001.thumb.jpg.75b9b73ececda789bc79add68405e42a.jpg

Hold on, those types of cats always look like you've just nicked their Whiskers, they could be happy right now and you'd never know.

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23 minutes ago, froggg said:

Bruno, American pit bull, soft as grease 



He’s got that “if you stick the rabbit ear or stars filter on me I’m going to eat you” look about him

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On 10/01/2019 at 22:27, HantsRam said:

This is Tigzi the dog and Lola the doggy sharing so.e quiet time. It's taken 3 years for them to reach this level of proximity.......😂


I'm not convinced that Tigzi is wholly comfortable with this level of proximity

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20 minutes ago, ilkleyram said:

I'm not convinced that Tigzi is wholly comfortable with this level of proximity

The missing step was that on this occasion Tigz opted to settle next to the already ensconced cat. It's a big L shaped sofa so there was an option for her own space.

I agree that the sad eyes do seem to say.......why are you doing this.......perhaps a treat would help......mmm some food....🤣

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