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On 09/11/2018 at 10:35, David said:

Awesome dog that, nice that your mate has taken him in and rescued him, made me laugh how his adoption listing said he doesn't get on with birds or chickens, doubt many dogs do, that's potential food for mine! 😂


Part of me would love to adopt a dog, but you don't see their little quirks and traits develop from puppy stage...although I guess on the flip side you don't go through that stage of teaching them the living room is not the place to urinate in.

Eh? No wonder Mrs Hants is pee'd off with me 🤣

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11 hours ago, Steve How Hard? said:

Crickey, you need to change his name from Igor to He Grows. Will he get much bigger?

His Dad’s about 70 kg,we try to keep our dogs a little bit lighter as big dogs suffer on their back end if they’re too heavy.

However,we also have a tendency to spoil them rotten,if we can keep him around 75 kg I think that will be a fair compromise,obviously we will have to keep an eye on him.


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2 hours ago, 86 points said:

This made me smile. A very well-trained pooch indeed!                                                                                                                      https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46453844

"CARSON!  STAY"!!   

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