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Bob Gnarly


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8 hours ago, Mr Giggles said:

What pets has everyone got and what stories have you got with them, i lost my do just over a year ago and wanted to see what adventures people have been on with their beloved pets

A dog 2 cats and a snake. 

They won't all pose for a picture sadly.

The snake was sold as "harmless" and was regarded as fun until the sod bit me. At which point we discovered 2 things.

1. It had retractable fangs at the back of its mouth so no visible teeth.

2. It was venomous,  but not lethal.  An important distinction.


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11 hours ago, froggg said:

My black cat.

Froggg, very quietly, stand up, don't look right or left, slowly make your way to the door

slide the bolt across , open and ******* run, don't stop until you are on the next street,

you can thank me later!

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1 hour ago, DesertRam said:

What's his name?

He looks the split image of our ex JR, Nathaniel he was American thou.

Jax, was going to call him Jack but seemed a bit lazy

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4 minutes ago, LauraH said:

3 dogs, Dexter black labradoodle, Morgan brown labradoodle. Both 11 years young and Sasha 1 year old GSD. We never intended to get Sasha but we were broken into and Dexter and Morgan slept through the whole thing so we decided to get a guard type dog but she's anything but :lol:


Wow LauraH, your Dexter is the image of our BonBon. And we did the same vis a vie the guard dog type, we got our Ruby (a Rottweiler) soft as you know what but looks the part. Lovely dogs you’ve got there. :thumbsup: 

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