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Inverurie Ram

442 Derby County 2007/2008 Season

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Always important to look at the past, understand it, and make sure by god it never happens again.

I had a lot of time for Billy and got to know him well during his time at Derby and then obviously the red dogs. Perhaps, no I did, see a different persona if you like to how he has been labeled in the press. I always thought he was a top man and great manager. He could motivate any player and was all about team spirit and togetherness. Players on different bonuses wouldn't have helped and that issue should have been addressed much sooner. As for the purchases that season.... Gordon Bennett. So clear that the board at that time messed up and did not buy who we needed to buy.

If we had run things better and kept Billy we wouldn't have had that season. Absolute no doubt about it.

So the lesson learned from it all. Keep the ship sweet with the current players. Ensure that investment is made when the time is needed reflected in the money coming in through premier league football. Guess you could argue having a supporters committee addresses this, naturally wasn't present back in 2007 when questions could and should have been asked more forwardly to the board.

Despite us not playing top flight football at the minute by god are we in a better position. Clear to see that the board of that era had no real ambitions and from a local businessman that is very poor. I mean, you have just gained premier league football, why would you want to sell a club getting all this money from TV? To make a profit and line your pockets I say.

As I say, always important to look at the past and learn from it.


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31 minutes ago, cannable said:

We’d have probably done better that season had we just kept the promotion team together and spent our whole budget on Nugent and Kenwyne Jones. 

We should have let him spend it all on Carlton Cole in my honest opinion  

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"When you’re playing the elite, you need everybody singing from the same hymn sheet,” Moore says now. “From the very top it wasn’t right – it breeds contempt throughout the club, and a divided house will always fall.”

Get behind your beloved Derby County, stay together, work together, help each other, encourage and reward all together.

Reading game has gone, time to move on, time to try again and be all together now.


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Don’t sit on the sidelines, let your voice be heard!

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