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Royal Breasts

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I suspect that, if they actually ever get the money, that it will find its way into charitable hands, probably to do with mental health.  And that would be no bad use of it.

Just because she's a royal and wealthy doesn't mean that she shouldn't be able to sunbathe topless without fear of some sneaky pap taking her photo from about 2 miles away. Whether she was wise to do so is a whole different matter.  Privacy should apply to us all, rich and poor alike.

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Despite the fact that I would take Wolfie's approach to the Royals, everyone has the right to privacy, proles or the aristocracy. "Public interest" in this case equates to dirty old scrotes wanting to have something to give them a cheap thrill.

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1 hour ago, GboroRam said:

Apparently it costs you £95,000 if you want to put them in your paper. £47,500 a boob.

All I know is it's nice to see those in need get some money, for a change.

I will probably get in trouble for advocating violence on the forum, but it would be nice if just once the Guards performed their job description task number one as far as the paps are concerned.

No need for the bayonet, just broken cameras and a a size eleven boot up the rarse and out the gate.

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