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Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

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1 minute ago, hintonsboots said:

The main symptom is walking about with your tongue stuck out looking gormless.

I don't care what a player looks like, and I would be so bold as to suggest that you don't either, really. Your namesake ran like Noddy and shirked every challenge going, but he was still the best crosser of a ball I have ever seen in half a century. John McGovern was 'spider' to some and 'seaweed' to others because of the way his arms flapped when he ran, but he was the glue that held Cloughie's teams together.

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52 minutes ago, eddie said:

It's in keeping with 50% of the reaction in this thread. You would think that the prat version of being a Rams fan (i.e. moaning about absolutely everything) would be put on the back-burner for a while, but no, Jerome is already the scapegoat, and he hasn't even signed yet. I'm supposed to be the intolerant one.

So right Eddie I'm sure half the people on here must have moaning lessons with themselves in the mirror The certainly know how to make a player welcome don't they Are they that thick that they don't know you buy players you get you up You then get players to try and keep you up  

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Just now, eddie said:

I thought Hales would be brilliant for us. Maybe in another lifetime in another universe, he would be.

Football eh?

Surprises us constantly. I had high hopes for hales, Alan biley,  dave swindlehurst even esteban fuertes ......

But had low expectations of Bobby davidson,  mark Wright,  marco gabbiadini and malcolm christie. 

But whatever our expectations - they should all get our support. 

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18 minutes ago, VulcanRam said:

Not one to get over-excited about but I can see why Gary is after him. A better player to suit the way we play than Martin or Bent. If Nuge/Winnall gets injured, he will play a similar sort of role and should therefore slide straight in, rather than putting Martin in, in which case we face having to change the way we play. 

Experienced, decent in the air, knows where the goal is and, very importantly, knows how to handle the pressure of a promotion-push run-in.

Gary has been saying he wants experienced players, and players who can give him something different. I'm not sure Jerome can offer anything too different (Nuge's willingness plus Martin's aerial ability?) but nonetheless he looks like he will fit the style of the team.

Martin has aerial ability ? :whistle:

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1 hour ago, Wolfie20 said:

I don't get this "is he better?" issue. He's different to any other striker we have so how can you compare him with any of our other strikers? 

Not my choice because of his age and being the type of player he is, the potential effect this might have on his pace.

What’s has he got that’s different then ? Nugent and winnall have pace. Martin can hold the ball up, wins possession and can head. Bent can finish when he’s not offside. 


What do do we need other than someone who can do all of that in 1 go. They all play in the prem

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2 minutes ago, rammieib said:

Care to enlighten me what you actually mean as I'm lost with this one?

Eddie just likes to undermine anyone who has a critical thought. It’s his boring anti fan rant over and over : he’s a like getting machine lol 

that said, I disagree with you on Jerome after thinking about it but you’re spot on with the silly wages we put Martin on - making it close to impossible to shift him

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2 hours ago, David said:

I see your pun but wasn't it Robson & Jerome?


2 hours ago, Abu Derby said:

You’re right, however it sounds similar. 

Abu, don’t take pun pointers from @David you’re ok. I believe.

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Just now, RoyMac5 said:

Oh you're so predictable.

How many headed goals has he scored in the past 12 months ? Johnson has aerial ability and so do Bent and Jerome. Martin has errr ... roll in the grass when touched ability. :thumbsup:

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