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The boring Man City discussion

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On 10/12/2018 at 09:02, CWC1983 said:

Not a fan then? 😀

I dont mind Collymore, he has some very valid points and asks questions a lot of people in his position dont want to ask. 

He does occasionally post things to create controversy which I dont like,   however some of his views make me think and question my beliefs and thoughts, which in my head is good. 

There's no doubt he has been a dick in the past, plus im not convinced twitter is the best vehicle for him as he sometimes shoots from the hip.

If he gives an opinion on something, its guaranteed the that majority of the first 10 responses are similar to @McRamFan,s response. Would it not be better to engage in constructive conversation, or not engage at all.

As ever with Our Stan, he starts off looking as though he's about to make some valid pints about a subject, then descends into making it all about himself.  It's not that he doesn't get work due to the colour of his skin, he doesn't get work because he's a complete ducking banker


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21 hours ago, McRamFan said:

He is incapable of being constructive, he just runs his mouth off, and looks for a reaction.  He is best left ignored as he has never had or will have a positive impact on football.

His point is fair though, Guardiola’s a shithouse as well 

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Collymore and everyone else playing the racist card miss the point.

On the issue, Danny Kelly made the odd good point, and I think Chris Sutton on 5 live.

1) its a generational thing. Chelsea like every club will still have an element of fans who go back to their head hunter / hooligan firm phase, when Racism at certain london clubs chelsea included was very much a thing. For all the good work done by society in general to weed this out, you cant change the past. 

2) Why is racism and homophobia treated with so much more distain than any other form of discrimination. I they are truly so much worse than other forms of discrimination then why are they? 

Both of these, have a deep seated real issue that is over the top aggression by some fans, in some situations. Where they totally lose it and cannot keep their emotions in check.

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I like the way Pep and the boys are pretending that they're not the greatest side ever to grace the Premiership by chucking the odd game. Bit like us gifting teams a head start. Keeps it interesting! 

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