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New joke thread

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On 27 September 2017 at 20:40, Strange yearnings said:

Not exactly new but I've always liked the "What's the difference" jokes from decades ago which you have to work out yourself.  Can remember only three though  

first one is

Q. what's the difference between a bad marksman and a constipated owl. 

A. One shoots but cannot hit and the other........

Whats the difference between a JCB and a Giraffe ? Ones got hydraulics......the others got ....

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a bloke comes home from his night shift to see Jim the postman leaving his house with a smile on his face clutching a shiny new pound coin  .  The man storms into the house and finds his wife in her sexiest underwear just clearing up some breakfast dishes.

What the hells going on he demands -  well says the wife . I told you Jim was retiring  before you went to work last night and asked what we should give him as a retirement gift. You said screw him , give him a pound , the breakfast was my idea.

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4 minutes ago, Fraser_23 said:

Let’s not make any cheese jokes due to the explosion at the cheese factory in France

Debris was everywhere

Where do you get all these cheese jokes?

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