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Work with a Rotherham fan who tells me we thrashed them fair and square.

I’ve got to be careful what I say to the players but I might just ask one of them how it went.

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4 hours ago, angieram said:

I must admit I get a bit disappointed when the same teams rotate up and down from Premier/Division One as I look forward to visiting a few different grounds. The cup runs have helped to give us more variety this year so it's been a good year.

I'm not sure I'd wish for relegation just to get the variety though!

No, neither would I, but if it happened I wouldn't be particularly upset, not like some. 

It would get rid of some of the idiots that follow us currently, so that would be a bonus.

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10 minutes ago, B4ev6is said:

I feel sorry for there fans not knowing if there going to have a team to support by end of the season.


I've only ever met a small number of Bolton fans but they were all decent fellers. 

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16 minutes ago, B4ev6is said:

I wander what bolton fans are thinking now.

They seem to be a bit confused that Derby isn't in Lincolnshire and are celebrating the fact they have equalled their record number of defeats in a season (26) and have 4 games left to beat it. They'll not beat 11 points though. 

And yesterday their entire match day thread seemed to consist of some guy giving a summary of what was being broadcast on local radio. 

I think they're a bit fed up!

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