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Not about the football, but good to know our club is looking after the away fans well.

I rate a club on our away experiences - unfortunately, I am going to the very worst on Friday night! 


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9 hours ago, DavesaRam said:

What I don't like, Mafiabob, is cheating. All sides do it, including Derby County, but there are sides whose game is based on it. I am talking about the constant shirt-pulling, arms all round the opponent, kicks and trips, blatant heavy tackles on whoever has been identified as the "threat" player - it is often Tom Lawrence - diving, and so on. And don't mention all the wrestling which goes on at dead-ball situations, especially in the penalty area. So much goes un-noticed or unpunished, and has largely been accepted as normal and pretty much OK. That is why refs have such huge difficulty in said penalty area wrestling bouts. 

All it needs is for officials to clamp down on a consistent basis, but they don't, and simply act as though what are actually offences against the laws of the game are actually now fully legal. And until they do clamp down, the difficulties will remain.

On top of this is the inconsistency of their decision making, which often comes across as biased refereeing. So against Middlesborough, I thought the ref was pretty good up until the Marriott tackle, for which the ref got boo'd off at half time. That puzzled me, we have had far worse, for less fair refs who haven't had any protests against them. But for the second half he really was one-sided for a considerable period, followed by the last 20 minutes churning out a series of really strange decisions which had most people baffled, and it affected both teams. I think I said as much, especially about his good first half performance. He may not have been biased, but there certainly was no consistency. So, as with whether or not we should criticize our own players when they perform badly, should we criticize referees when they under perform. Or should we keep quiet, and simply accept whatever is dished up.

Incidentally, I post my match waffle on the "Come on you Rams" forum as well, and do not get the opposition which you have given, which is your right, even though there is a fully qualified referee on that forum, who often concurs with my surmisings. 

But in the end, as I have said before, this is a forum where people are invited to express their opinions. It doesn't mean that those opinions are right, it just means that is how the poster has seen things. 

With you 100% on the cheating whether that's diving or staying down "injured" to stop the play then pretty much getting straight back up, it's a real blight on the game and I accept all teams (including Derby) do it. A good example in the Fulham game yesterday. Retrospective action should be taken against Cairney for his dive. 

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Re me saying this forum is more entertaining than t’other, I have just finished reading the thread on the Leeds spy thingy, and it is hilarious. Thanks to everyone who pitched in!

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