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4 minutes ago, David said:

How does that even make sense, just a mindless swipe at Bruce who is no fool.

Amazing really a game between 4th and 5th on both sides you have fans not happy with the manager. 

Villa have been hit badly with injuries as well, was a great time to play them to be honest. 

It appears that the hatred of your own clubs players,manager,chairman is not restricted to Derby.  There are quite a few who can't comprehend that they may be wrong about Mel, Gary, huddz, BJ, keogh, tom,Carson etc etc. Any alternative opinion is seen as an insult

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22 minutes ago, David said:

That’s pretty poor on a day that your own team is playing, any other time no issues. 


More like “Absolute Disgrace” bet he still took his £100k this week though. Inspirational leader of men!?!? One thing is for sure, you wouldn’t catch RK doing that if he were “injured” like JT

Edited by Ted McMinn Football Genius

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