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Premier League 2017-18 discussion

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1. Man City - I think they have the best squad. Guardiola should know a bit more about England now.

2. Man Utd. - Have the best manager and a slightly better squad than last year.

3. Chelsea - weaker than last year and now with European commitments won't enjoy the advantage they had last season.

4. Arsenal - it's just what they do.

5. Spurs - Wembley will be a factor and so far are slightly weaker than last season.

6. Liverpool - can't defend and losing Coutinho is a massive blow for them.

7. Everton - Will be closer to the top 6 than before, but just can't compete financially. Which is hilarious given their part as useful idiots in forming the Premier League to try and ensure their place at the top table forever.

8 - 17 A bunch of teams no one cares about.

18. Huddersfield

19. Watford

20. Brighton

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