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30 minutes ago, Paul71 said:


What is offensive to a feminist? I have no idea, i agree with equal rights but if i go on a date with a feminist and offer to pay will she be offended? If i hold a door open or open the door of a car, is that offensive. If a pregnant woman gets on a bus or train and i offer up my seat is that offensive? I have no idea.



I am not sure that I am a feminist but I would say:

No, providing you're not offended if she declines (or offers to pay for you - or take turns)

No, and I would thank you politely

No, and I would do the same! 

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I got a mouthful from a woman for holding a door open for her at one of the big department stores in Oxford Street in that there London, I was informed she was quite capable of pushing the door for herself. I'd have actually held the door if it was a bloke behind me, it's what I do.

Anyway she was even less impressed when I asked her if she was angry because she was ugly. She wasn't but it shut her up. 

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12 minutes ago, David said:
1 hour ago, MuespachRam said:

Salted peanuts are almost as disgusting as cheese.

God doesn't exist.

Fight Club was rubbish.



It's impossible to dislike cheese, anyone that says they do is a wannabe hipster that can't grow a beard

Two out of three ain't bad.

Listen to David...he's right...

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The good guys did not win WWII, there were no good guys

9/11 was an inside job

Duran Duran is the worst band in the history of the world

God exists if you believe God exists

Extraterrestrials own the moon and it's hollow

Green onions are the devil's food

Big Bangs not Big Bang, no beginning, no end

Gylfi Sigurðsson is better than Messi

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35 minutes ago, sage said:

You are Donald Trump and I claim my £5

What gave me away?  Was it the part about Gylfi?  The Oval Office is plastered in posters of Gylfi, am gonna have some stuck on the wall on the Mexican side to cheer up all those you know Mexicans and i'll build it, you just watch



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