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M2 8gig Memory Card, Speaker and Headphones


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I've got one if anyones looking to buy one, works with all Sony Ericsson phones that has a memory card slot.

I also have a speaker that plugs into the phone, works with most Sony Ericsson phones, you get quite a decent sound from it that you wouldn't expect actually, (Vicky will back me up here).

Oh oh oh, I also have a set of Sony Ericsson Walman headphones, never been opened.

I'l stick em on eBay next week, but thought I'd see if I could shift them on to any of you lot first, save paying the eBay fees.

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Am I right in surgesting that these came free with your last faulty mobile which you have now swapped and are now in the process of selling for a minor but never the less PROFIT?

You are totally correct. I also have 2 sets of W995 manuals and boxes if anyone wants to buy them.

I've sold one of the cards on eBay the other day with free postage for £12 and the speaker went for a fiver. Anything near that I'd take, as for the headphones make me an offer I guess, not a clue how much there worth.

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