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2 hours ago, TheAllestreeRam said:

We have few big games coming up that are being televised and i am thinking of picking up a RamsTV subscription. 

What has everyone's experience with RamsTV been like so far? 

It’s been great. No issues with the streaming quality, and internet here is pap compared to back in Blighty. The programme they put together on matchday is pretty decent - I was honestly expecting one camera angle and no commentary or replays. We get ex-Ram pundits and half-time analysis. Even the adverts for local businesses are a nice touch (even if I don’t understand why the likes of me sitting in Berlin would be interested in Derby Uni or having a drink at The Yard..!). With Owen Bradley getting involved you get the feeling the product will go from strength to strength given how he dragged Radio Derby Sportscene into the 21st century. 

I love it. 

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2 minutes ago, A Ram for All Seasons said:

I use Adblock Plus in Firefox to hide the frame, and it stays hidden. I'm sure similar plug-ins must be available for other browsers.

Thanks, I just wanted to be sure there wasn't an option to do something like 'turn off autoplay'. I'll look for something for Chrome then. :) Annoying that they've started to do something like that, tbh can't see why they need to.

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17 hours ago, alexxxxx said:

if theyre on TV at all in the UK/Ireland or abroad (and there's more games on TV abroad than in the UK/Ireland) you wont see the matches on RamsTV. RamsTV only shows games that are not shown on any TV channel anywhere.

My mistake, i meant there are some good games being shown on RamsTV this coming month, thanks for the heads up. 

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