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1 hour ago, Taribo said:

What the heck are Dark Markets??

the dream place to live if you have ramstv

if you are lucky enough to live in one of these places



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On 18/04/2019 at 10:09, David said:

Countries without TV deals with Pitch International, list of those can be found here https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-availability-for-tv-games?nocache=1

Though some countries don’t have deals with Pitch International and aren’t on the list to watch on Rams TV. 

Or I imagine mostly some sports channels do have deals with Pitch and opt not to show it leaving those elsewhere s.o.l.

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1 hour ago, DerbyRam! said:

Is today's game on sky???

Cant get it from the Czech republic for live stream 

If you have sky sports try watching via the sky sports app.

its very blurry here, but ok

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2 hours ago, Penelope Pendrex said:

The stream is appalling today, barely connecting 😔


54 minutes ago, Kevinhector10 said:

Stream was rubbish today on and off all the time constantly having to refresh the page, Video and audio streams

Worked ok for me, until the very end.

I have this bizarre thing where if i answer the phone, the stream cuts out and it is almost impossible to get back.

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Used Rams TV for the first time today.Pay per view.

Stopped working after 5 mins with’an unknown error.3 ‘ and other Jargon, never got the stream back and now I can’t log in.

Not a happy Bunny

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It was fantastic for me all the way through - good studio conversation with Barker and Edworthy, mostly good camera work, good commentary and punditry from Shane and didn't refresh once all the way through. 9/10.

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