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Tour De France

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Started Today, with Geraint Thomas winning the Prologue, Alejandro Valverde crashing out and Chris Froome taking time from his principle rivals...


Enjoy watching this every year and also have money on Fabio Aru, anyone else into Cycling?

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3 weeks of Le Tour, lovely. 

I love the team tactics, the psychology between the racers and the maverick riders. 

Every year we have been waiting for Quintana to take on Froome but he doesn't seen to have the confidence or the team to do it consistently. 


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8 minutes ago, GboroRam said:

"I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong. Especially after what he achieved, winning 7 Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike"

This is my fav year of the tour:


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Yeah listening to the introduction yesterday it is clear that ITV believe Wiggins was guilty of abusing drugs, hiding evidence and when approached by governmental departments feigning poor health, I don't think you need to look further than David Brailsford, not the first time he was involved with drug abusing, David Millar was also pulled up for drug abuse whilst under direction of Brailsford.

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Love the Tour de France. I'm a keen cyclist and every time I watch this lot I have to remind myself that they're going more than twice as fast as I can going downhill.

Great to see Thomas in the yellow jersey, even if he probably won't keep it beyond the Pyrenees. 


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22 hours ago, richinspain said:

I've tried watching it a couple of times, it's very popular over here. I thought it was brilliant. It must have taken me at the most two minutes to fall asleep ?

It's a bit like American Football, you need to understand the tactical side of it or it's just a bunch of in blokes in lycra riding bikes.
Except in American Football they chase a funny shaped ball and stand around a lot, rather than ride bikes.

The flattish stages at the start of the tour can be a bit uneventful, but the last couple of K were pretty exciting today.
Cavendish, 'The Manx Rocket', was elbowed into the barriers at 60kph by Sagan in the bunch sprint and is probably out of the rest of the tour. That was a lot like American Football, except that they don't do 60kph, they just stand around a lot.

Geraint Thomas is still in Yellow for tomorrow's stage 5 which has a mountain finish, this should be worth watching.

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Ridiculous what drama! Thomas and Porte Crashing out, Froome mechanical and subsequent Aru attack / elbow revenge, and a photo finish at the end of it... (plus i bet on Warren Barguil for the King of the Mountains @66/1 ew in the morning so i was screaming throughout the whole stage!)


Think i need a rest day more than the Cyclists now

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