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1 hour ago, Ram On Toast said:

Why is every slitting their wrists like Whelan is Hughes' replacement? He isn't. Whelan is the type of player we've been crying out for the last few seasons... Or have all of you forgot about that?


Grow up and move on.


Well said 👍🏻👍🏻

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3 hours ago, Derby blood said:

We need a player like Whelan in the squad, we are desperate for this type of player in our squad, 1 player does not get you promoted, Hughes has been a great player for us, but Derby goes on, and I will back Mr Rowett all the way, if we do get Whelan, I think his first  few signings has made us a much stronger and balance squad, a team gets you promoted not 1 player.

Said it before on here. Having a Whelan or a Ledley allows us to pick more attacking midfield options (possibly yet to be purchased).

Because we didn't have a natural defensive midfielder last year, all three hovered around the half way line, not knowing whether to stick or twist. See below.


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