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Now then who can we realistically see going with contracts. .

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On 20/05/2017 at 09:49, curtains said:

Just remembered we got 7 Million for Seth Johnson from Leeds in 2001 

Big money for Lee carsley I remember along with Malcolm Christie and chris riggot

go back further for Gary Charles and tommy Johnson, wright and Saunders 

forget being ripped off by the amigos for Huddlestone

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On 5/19/2017 at 12:34, MackworthRamIsGod said:

Have you ever thought there might be an element of kidology when Rowett talks about big changes to come?

Could he be looking for a reaction from certain players to see if they are up for the challenge he is about to lay down?

No doubt there will be departures and I expect either Will or Tom to go, but I don't think we will see wholesale changes.


I think you are probably right. Very difficult to move on under performing players on inflated contracts. Again I expect the new manager will have to work with what he's got. Good luck to GR with that prospect.

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On 2017-5-21 at 17:42, EnigmaRam said:

I agree with most of this but would just like to point a couple of things out

1- in a poll the majority of DCFC supporters wanted Pearson.

2- Johnson was brought in to fill the marauding role Bryson did. Butters was to fill the passing midfielder role.

1 - I think what largely happened there is Pearson's stock was majorly  (and artificially) inflated by the success of Leicester after he went and people looked at Pearson's tenure there with some major rose tinted glasses, overlooking a huge swath of factors that contributed to his success there that weren't applicable here.

Also too be frank the people who run derby should be better decision makers than the average fan .

2- I agree that was probably why Johnson was bought. But too be honest it was a case of missing the forest for the trees. Bryson scores a lot of goals and buzzes around the pitch like a terrierr but is still solid technically, capable of keeping the ball and quick passing exchanges.  Johnson had the marauding right but had nowhere near the technical ability or the the engine to be an adequate Bryson replacement. Particularly in at side that was going to become more possession orientated 

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1 minute ago, curtains said:

Seems  not many going out .

I wonder why ! 

I don't see that many in the squad at the moment as 'obvious outs' - Most of the ones we've suggested are probably looking to fight for a place at the moment

We know at least one winger will probably leave - But Rowett seems to still be making his mind up who he likes and who he doesn't which I think is a fair attitude - Weimann and Blackman has no chance to prove themselves to him last season so I suspect he's waiting to see what he thinks of the group - Got to assume from previous interest that Russell is staying but any others will probably get 'the talk' towards the start of the season

I imagine the striking department is probably done (unless we get a decent bid for Bent?) - I would imagine the same for the defence (again unless we get a bid or Pearce/Olsson ask to leave) and then it's the CMs and the Wingers who are likely to see competition arrive and will be given an indication by Rowett that they're unlikely to get much game time

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